About us
COENEO is a company of cultural heritage professionals, working the broad field of conservation, care and stewardship of cultural heritage materials held in museums, collections and heritage places. COENEO especially focuses on the conservation and restoration of costume collections from the world of theatre, film, opera, both private as public, i.e. museum collections. COENEO owns a unique study collection of textiles which will be used in teaching students and professional curators. COENEO is located both in Antwerp, Belgium as in Breda, The Netherlands. COENEO’s services are offered worldwide.

Our mission
COENEO will professionally combine craftsmanship and innovation, thus boosting collection care and protection, management and administration of private and public costume collections. Our staff’s experience and expertise and an international approach will be paired with a flexible and pragmatic policy to fit specific demands.

Our vision
To COENEO quality of services is most important. This quality will be demonstrated in our business policies and in the way we position ourselves as a partner in the process. It goes without saying that for COENEO the use of durable materials, non-interventive methodologies, environmental friendly means and reversible interventions are of the highest importance.